Lyon, France – Austin, Texas, United States – 6 June 2024 – 7:30am CT – Theranexus, a biopharmaceutical company innovating in the treatment of rare neurological diseases, and the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation (BBDF), confirm positive results in their Phase I/II trial to evaluate Batten-1 in Batten disease (CLN3) after 18 months of treatment. The results indicate a decline in serum neurofilament light chain (NfL), a biomarker of neuronal death, and confirm the therapeutic potential of the Batten-1 drug candidate in juvenile (CLN3) Batten disease.

Measurements of the concentration of neurofilament light chains (NfL), a recognized biomarker of neurodegeneration, after 18 months of treatment confirm the 12-month results presented at the International NCL2023 Congress in September 2023. This biomarker, measured in the serum of patients compliant to protocol, decreased by an average of 33% after 18 months of treatment (as a reminder, 32% after 12 months of treatment) compared to pre-treatment level.

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