Ineka Whiteman, PhD

Bio Ineka Whiteman, PhD

Scientific Consultant

Dr Ineka Whiteman is a neuroscientist, author and medical and scientific affairs consultant. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons I) in Neuroscience through combined studies at the Universities of Oxford (UK) and Sydney (Australia), and a PhD in Medicine from the University of Sydney. With a research focus on neurobiology of dementias and other neurodegenerative conditions, Ineka has earned numerous research awards, scientific publications and has served on the Board of Science and Technology Australia. Outside academia, she has held liaison roles to Australian Government Ministers, and senior Medical Affair roles in a world-leading biotech company where she served as country medical lead for multiple products across cardiovascular and metabolism, and women’s health portfolios.

Ineka joins the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation as a Scientific Consultant. She currently also serves as Head of Research and Medical Affairs for Batten Disease Support & Research Association (BDSRA) Australia, and provides support to BDSRA Foundation (US). Since joining BDSRA Australia in 2018, Ineka has led the inception and ongoing management of the annual Research Grant Program, coordinates the Medical & Scientific Advisory Board, has developed and implemented numerous educational initiatives for both families and healthcare professionals, including the specialist training program for Dementia Support Australia’s Childhood Dementia team. In 2022, Ineka published the illustrated children’s book Max and Abbya story of two siblings journeying Batten disease.

Ineka is passionate about advancing basic, translational and clinical research in Batten disease, and facilitating the vital collaborations between researchers, industry, clinicians, advocacy groups and families as we strive towards effective treatments and a cure for Batten disease.