The Gummy Bear Gourmet Lemonade Stand

Every child loves a lemonade stand! On August 10th, five precocious children attending The Gummy Bear Gourmet cooking camp, under the direction of Ashley Crider, struck out to put their love of squeezing lemons to the test.

“Of all the fabulously clever, extravagant, and creative recipes the children were making, they liked squeezing lemons the very most. They could have juiced lemons for the full three hours”, Ashley reported.

Along with her two children, Steven age 12 and Charlotte age 10, Ashely took the children’s enthusiasm for squeezing lemons as an opportunity to teach them how to make lemonade and how to make a difference. The class lovingly gave away free lemonade at their stand on Vista Lane in West Austin while accepting donations to benefit Beyond Batten Disease Foundation.

Ashley has been a shining example of a loyal supporter and a faithful volunteer since the inception of the foundation. On behalf of BBDF, we’d like to extend our gratitude to Ashley for her continued contributions and for fostering community support among children.