BBDF Welcomes Tyler’s Mission to our family of donor advised funds. By pooling resources and connecting communities we are able to expand our impact and reach to accelerate research. With their motto “GO TYLER, BEAT BATTEN” the Kim’s have already raised over $20,000 for research and we are so grateful to have them join forces so that we can one day eradicate juvenile Batten disease for Tyler and the hundreds of other children who are affected.

Last year, the Kim family received the devastating news that their youngest child, Tyler, suffers from juvenile Batten disease. The Kims quickly reached out to Beyond Batten Disease Foundation for help and guidance. To find out more about Tyler’s Mission visit the website.

“While our hearts are broken, we are incredibly blessed that today, Tyler is in great physical and mental shape… Our family and Team Tyler’s mission is to find a cure and defeat Batten disease.” – The Kim Family

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