Youth Leadership Committee

The Youth Leadership Committee at Beyond Batten Disease Foundation was created in October 2014 in response to the many young philanthropists in our community. These young volunteer leaders serve as liaisons to their schools and neighborhoods, helping us grow and accomplish our mission of raising awareness and funds for research to find a cure for juvenile Batten disease. In it’s 3rd year the committee has grown to over 150 high school students from 10 different Austin-area high schools!

If you are interested in becoming a member of BBDF’s Youth Leadership Committee, please contact Nominations will take place in Spring 2018.

2017-2018 Executive Committee

President: Susie McCartt

President Elect: Carson Kurad

Community Outreach: Ellen Campbell

Community Outreach: Merritt Fish

Community Outreach: Laney Phillips

Community Outreach: Jack Windham

 Event Chair: Carlisle Dunnam

Event Chair: Claire Gill

Event Chair: Mary Frances Kocurek

Event Chair: Claire Peterman

Event Chair: Ireland Tendler

Media Chair: Ellie Brumley

Media Chair: Katie Chandler

Media Chair: Reagan Jackson

Grant Writing Chair: Caroline Daniel

Grant Writing Chair: Grace Gilmour

Grant Writing Chair: Ella Nasi

Buzzing Chair: Jack Collins

Buzzing Chair: Lawson Fish

Buzzing Chair: Jackson Reimers

2017-2018 Youth Leadership Committee

Walt Alexander

Claire Baxter

Christiane Benson

Lydia Benson

Olivia Benton

Hall Benton

Bradley Benton

Emma Breckwoldt

George Breckwoldt

Ellie Brumley

Joe Bryant

Isabella Burgelin

Trey Butter

Allie Calcote

Reed Cameron

Ellen Campbell

Mary Frances Carrigee

Katie Chandler

Mallory Clifton

Jack Collins

Erin Collins

Clara Grace Cowden

Jack Cowden

Marilee Cowden

Teagan Craft

Charlotte Crider

Keaton Cruzcosa

Riley Cruzcosa

Casey Cunningham

Caroline Daniel

Thomas Daniel

Peyton Dashiell

Casey Daves

Harrison Donovan

Carlisle Dunnam

Annabel Dwyer

Emily Dwyer

Morgan Ehlinger

Chloe Ezell

Wyatt Ezell

Lawson Fish

Merritt Fish

Thomas Fowler

Josh Franklin

Grace Gilmour

Maddie Green

Ellie Greer

Lucinda Hagan

Ellen Hagen

Lucia Hagert

Brennan Haralson

Christian Haralson

Ethan Herndon

Andrew Hojel

Corley Holland

Blake Houston

Annabelle Hubert

Eleanor Hutcheson

Thad Hutcheson

Ava Ingram

Reagan Jackson

Will Janek

Olivia Jobe

Taylor Josey

Sidney Kaliher

Izzy Kelly

Cailan Kelly

Allie Kemmerer

Patrick Kennedy

Kade Killeen

Taylor Kimball

Clayton Kocurek

Cole Kocurek

Mary Frances Kocurek

Will Kocurek

Jaxon Kronenberg

Casron Kurad

Olivia Late

Sarah Latham

Kevin Latreille

Grace Lawley

Alexa Levine

Henry Lewis

Jonathan Lim

Anna Claire Long

Cal Long

Ava Longi

Maddy Mahmoud

Bo Mansour

Elle McCartt

Susie McCartt

Maddy McCutchin

Daisy McDowell

Morgan McHaney

Grace Meinzer

Ainsley Merritt

Annabel Merritt

Hill Morgan

Taylor Morrison

Jackson Mountain

Ella Nasi

Mary Margaret Oden

Zsofi Parrish

Brooke Peterman

Claire Peterman

Amanda Phares

Laney Phillips

Molly Pitts

Helena Putman

Jack Putman

Clayton Reimers

Jackson Reimers

Mollie Richards

Jackson Ritz

Beatrix Roberts

Kate Sarahan

Will Sarahan

Jack Scarbrough

Clara Sherman

Hasie Sherman

Anna Claire Smith

Jonathan Snell

Will Snell

Sophie Stokes

Jack Stout

Ireland Tendler

Cameron Thompson

Lily Tickle

Lena Tongate

Grace Toomey

Michael Toomey

Olivia Tudor

Meg Utley

Cooper Varner

Hallie Varner

Susie Watson

Annie Grace Weeden

Jackson West

Anna Whitehead

Claudia Whittlesey

Jack Windham

Ben Woodhouse

Charles Wright

Lexi Yarborough

Kate Yonge

Nell Yonge

Natalie Youngblood

Nick Zarbock

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