Recognizing the talent in our community, Beyond Batten Disease Foundation created the Development Board in October 2013. These active volunteers and community leaders serve as ambassadors to help us grow and accomplish our mission by extending the reach of our community and raising awareness and funds for research to find a cure for juvenile Batten disease.

If you are interested in becoming a member of BBDF’s Development Board, please contact Nominations will take place in the Spring.

2017 Development Board

Executive Committee

President: Cari Ezell

President-Elect: Lisa Michaux

Secretary: Thresa Nasi

Treasurer: Carolyn Bryant

Nominating: Ashley Putman

Historian: Kasandra Keyes

Family Night Co-Chairs : Laurel Hooper & Clary Auler

Live Music Event Co-Chairs: Ali Watson, Courtney Hill, Ashley Putman

Grant Writing Chair: Amber Meinzer

Be the Change Chair: Courtney Houston

Be the Hope Chair: Kristin Cowden

Be a Youth Leader Chair: Heather Long

Be an Amazon Chair: Allison Small

Be a Hero Co-Chairs: Jill & Carlton Wade

Brandy and Richard Agnew

Paige and Jamil Alam

Shana and Brady Anderson

Stacy and Chad Auler

Clary and Mark Auler

Julie and Buddie Ballard

Teresa and Paul Bessette

Charlotte and T. Craig Benson

Elaine and Britt Benton

Amanda and Ryan Berger

Sabrina and Jay Brown

Tiffany and Wayne Brumley

Carolyn and Scott Bryant

Ellen and Tommy Burt

Becky and Bruce Butler

Lucy and Steve Butter

Mary Carrigee

Emily and Larry Chauvin

Lesley and Cullen Childress

Katy Copley

Kristin and Allen Cowden

Laura and Tommy Craddick

Ashley Crider

Kelley and Tom Daniel

Lori and John Daves

Lynne and Scott Daves

Martha and Don DeGrasse

Susanne and Colby Denison

Darby Denison

Stacy and Jerry Dollar

Annie and Ward Downing

Beth and Marshall Durrett

Leslie and Brandon Easterling

Cari and Monte Ezell

Kristin and Drake Fason

Jennifer Foucher

Lynn and Bill Fowler

Katie and William Fowler

Niffer and Mark Greenberg

Brian Grigsby

Joanne Grigsby

Courtney and Charlie Hill

Ann and Richard Hojel

Laurel and Andy Hooper

Courtney and Blake Houston

Kyle Janek

Shannon Janek

Lisa and Ross Jessup

Jackee and Tony Kayser

Tina Kemmerer

Nicole and Bill Kessler

Kasandra Keyes

Sha and Michael Klatt

Mary Korth

Kris and Danny Krause

Melissa and Eric Levine

Julie and Derek Lewis

Heather and Buddy Long

Kelly and Dominic Longi

Meredith and Alan Marks

Trish and Kit McConnico

Tina and Brent McCutchin

Laura and Mark McKnight

Amber and Neal Meinzer

Lisa Michaux

Thresa and Mike Nasi

Ellen and Michael Navarre

Monste and Kevin Nater

Heather and Jack Nelson

Kristen and John Nelson

Monique and Scott Norman

Amanda and Randal Oudt

Kendall and Charles Pace

Leah and Chris Petri

Jennifer and Tom Pickens

Jackie and Eric Price

Ashley and David Putman

Lauren and Reagan Reaud

Brandy and Todd Reimers

Tricia and Sterling Roberts

Lauren and John Romano

Julie Schlitt

Kimberly and Randall Schultz

Robin and Gene Shepherd

Jane and Ben Shepperd

Allison and Clint Small

Anne and Richard Smalling

Brannon and Lathrop Smith

Tiffany and Russell Smith

Ellie and Bill Snell

Amy and Charles Stephens

Lawrence Temple

Dawn  and Lance Thompson

Stacy and Michael Toomey

Laura and Michael Townsend

Shanel and Dean Vandergriff

Jill and Carlton Wade

Laura and Todd Wallace

Sydney and Scott Wallace

Ali and Trey Watson

Christy and Mark Werner

Leigh and Christopher Weyand

Heidi and James Whitlock

Lisle and Scott Whitworth

Shannon and Jimmy Windham

Suzie and Eric Wright

Lisa and Wes Youngblood


The Sustainers Circle is an associate membership category recognizing those who have faithfully served on the Development Board for one or more terms.

Kristin and Wick Alexander

Tracy and Jarrett Anderson

June and Mark Chandler

Beth and Marshall Durrett

Anna and Reg Hargrove

Diane Humphreys

Grace and Adam Ingram-Eiser

Jocelyn Johnson

Katherine and Patton Jones

Dana and Jeff Kocurek

Sylvia and Dan Sharplin

Susan and Reid Wittliff

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