The foundation hosted seven Be First parties in 2016 to kick off our capital campaign, the Be Project, and we are proud to report that as of 12/31 we have received $2 million in Be First Donations! The parties took place in Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Little Rock, AR, Baton Rouge, LA, New Orleans, LA, and Dallas, TX. Below is a list of all of our generous BE FIRST donors. We thank you for all of your support and are grateful for your generosity. 

A Cure in the Nick of Time

Erin and Richard Abraham

Rachel and Lee Alcock

Amy and Tom Ryan Family Fund

Tish and Robert Anderson

Shana and Brady Anderson

Pamela and Jeffrey Anderson

Mary Beth and Keith Armstrong

Clary and Mark Auler

Stacy and Chad Auler

Aileen and Mike Aviles

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Kelli and Brent Bankston

Dadie and Princeton Bardwell

Barker Foundation

Dana and David Bauer

BBB Fishing Tournament – Neal Meinzer

Lonna and John Beamesderfer

Cynthia Beardall

Laura and Kyndel Bennett

Charlotte and Craig Benson

Elaine and Britt Benton

Pamela and Thomas Bergeson

Heidi and Todd Binet

Lauren and Beau Blair

Erika Boehm

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bovard

Elise and Craig Boyan

Eszter and Lance Bozman

Sandra and Bob Bozman

Tara and Blake Bozman – Barnabas Faith Foundation

Susan and Christopher Bradley

Kristen and Brady Barndon

Sharon and Calvin Brasseaux

Anne and Bill Brewer

Beth and Neal Bronzo

Sabrina and Jay Brown

Mary Kay and Terrell Brown

Josephine and Norman Brown

Bruce Butler

Camp Waldemar Family

Heather and Andrew Campbell

Robin and Keith Carmichael

Wendy and Ralph Carter

Sidney and Larry Carter

Tracy Cheatham

Carly and Clayton Christopher

Christopher J. Campana Attorney at Law

Cigna Foundation

Christy and Brian Clark

Michelle Cooksley

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Coon

Kristin and Allen Cowden

Catherine and Christian Creed

Ashley Crider

Beth and Kelly Cunningham

Susan and Randell Curington

Barbara and John Curran

Roseanna Curtale

Anita Vangelisti and John Daly

Kelley and Tom Daniel

Lori and John Daves

Lynne and Scott Daves

Dixie and Raymond Daves

Darby Denison

Denison & Denison

Lee Desadier

Kit and Steven Didion

Laura Dunworth

Lahna and Gary Durham

Helen and Jim Dyke

Dustin and Hunter East

David Easterling

Mary Ann and Johnny Edson

Melissa and Dominic Eisinger

George Anne and Teak Elmore

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Jimmy Field Campaign

Kelly and Mark Field

Marilyn and Alan Fine

Bill Fletcher

John R. and Judy W. Fletcher Family Foundation

Cherie and Jim Flores

Claire and Chris Flynn

Julie and Scott Folse

For Kid’s Sake

Lynn and Bill Fowler

Melanie and Jeff Fox

Marie French

Pam and Keith Fullenweider

Pam and Jay Gadberry

Nan and Britt Galloway

Elizabeth and Will Galtney

Paula and Tom Gandy

Anne Mcllheney Gardiner

GE Foundation

Andrew Gieselmann

Katherine and Tony Gelderman

Heather and Christopher Gilker

Pamela Gladney


Sandra Glover

Caroline and Sam Goodner

Nancy Gordon

Laura and Morris Gottesman

Susie and Ira Green

Andrea and Christopher Greiner

Robert Griffith

Tobin Grove

Stacy and Dave Grundfest

Raphael De La Gueronnierre

Emily Gullory

Kerry and Steve Hall

Mary Halverson

Anna and Reg Hargrove

Allison and Spencer Hayes

Heartland Foundation

Catherine and Clark Heidrick

Maury Herman and Cristina Wysocki

Herrin Hickingbotham

Hillcrest Foundation

Charles Hirsch

Hojel Schumacher Foundation

Ann and Richard Hojel

Melissa Holloway

Lindsay and Rand Holstead

Margaret and Gilbert Hooder

Diane Lee Humphreys

Anne and Jeff Hunt

Paul B. and Constance D. Hunter Charitable Foundation

Mimi and Joe Hurst, Jr.

Holly Huseth

Brett Ironside – Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic

Shannon and Kyle Janek

Jewish Endowment Foundation of Louisiana

Joan Johnson

Susan and Doug Johnson

Charlotte and John Kean

Willa Kempf

Soozi Graf and Andy Kershner

Genny and Jim Kirby

Mary Beth and Don Kiser

Albert Koehler

Jaxon Kronenberg

Knox Kronenberg

Susie and Mark Kuhlman

Katara and Sam LeBrie

Diane and Dave Laner

Sally and Sam Lavergne

Hania Szrodt Lawrence

Jeanann and Burton LeBlanc

Andrew Leicht

Jet Leonard

Karen and Eric Loeffel

Luke and Rachel Batten Foundation

Lumos Pharma, Inc.

Chad Lunsford

Cindy and Henry Luu

Mariner Foundation

Market Sense, Inc. – Karl Scheible

Julie and Lynn Marshall

Renata Marsilla and Jeff Lipshutz

Kim and Scott Martin

Tatiana and Craig Massey

Suzanne and Mark Massey

Garland and Flemming Mattox

Gary McDaniel

Ashley McDonald

Carol and Paul McHorse

Susan and Andrew Meadors

Meinig Family Foundation

Mary Helen and Mike Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Marshall Mills

Kelli and Chris Mize

Mary Ann and Wayne Moore

Sara and Bill Morgan

Virginia and Madison Moseley

Amy and Hardy Murchison

Nicole and Will Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Noble Nash

Kristen and John Nelson

Deb Nelson

Network for Good

Susan and John Nicklos

Debby Oatman

Amy Packard

Wendy and Ray Parker

Randa and Henry Patrick

Yasmine Michel and Steve Patterson

PCS Software, Inc.

Peter Perino

Mary Therese and Ricardo Peruquia

Tess and Greg Peters

Sonja Phillips

Jennifer and Tom Pickens

Suzanne and Pat Pierson

Piper Jaffrey

Pamela and Jarvis Porter

Terry and Walter Quinn

Barbara Rader

Hans Ravensbergen

RE Smith Foundation

Brandy and Todd Reimers

Suzanne and Pierre Reinhardt

Dean and Hiam Reinschmidt

Cheryl and Mike Renna

Barbara and Winston Rice

Shannon and Steve Richie

Ann and Pryor Robertson

Rocky Duron and Associates – Marcus Duron

Nancy Roesler

Daryl Rogers

Michael Ross

Jinous Rouhani

Courtney-Anne Sarpy

Eric Sawall

Howard Schchat

Linda and Karl Scheible

Richard Schmidt

Schwab Charitable Fund

Sylvia and Dan Sharplin

Laura and Ward Sheffield

Nicole Shoberg

Lori and Joe Sikorra

Ann and Rich Smalling

Joanna and Paul Smith

Terri and David Snowden

Carol and Witt Stephens

Lisa and David Stone

Aleta Streett-Leavy

Lynda and Larry Strickland

Royce Stroud

Sue Sue Charitable Foundation


Margaret Tarone

The Trammell Foundation

The Waterproof Foundation

Barbara and Elmer Thomas

Janet Reeves and Mac Thompson

Luke Thompson

Stacy and Mike Toomey

Muriel and James Trimble

Sharon and Mark Turek

The Vaughn Foundation

Elizabeth Waring

Warren Charitable Foundation

Waterstone Foundation

Helen and Sandy Watkins

Weaver Tidwell Foundation

Paul Weidenbach

Judi Welch

Whelan Brothers Construction – Kevin Whelan

Julie and James Whittenburg

Ginny and Keith Wilcox

Mary and Mark Williamson

Shannon and Jimmy Windham

Robin and John Wombwell

Rochelle and James Woodard

Kaitlyn and Cory Workman

Ashley and Jim Worley

Suzie and Eric Wright

Anne-Elizabeth Wynne

Christina and Wes Yonge

Amy and Scott Young

Deborah and Stephen Yruco